[EuroPython] wireless

Quentin Wright q at clocksoft.com
Sat Jun 27 17:44:19 CEST 2009

Tobias Brox wrote:
> 2009/6/26 Geoff Bache <geoff.bache at gmail.com>:
>> I'd really appreciate knowing as soon as possible whether wireless
>> will be available
>> in my tutorial (TextTest, in the CBSO on Sunday afternoon). I'd rather
>> planned on
>> participants being able to read online documentation, and there's always
>> people who haven't installed the software beforehand as well...
> In my experience, it can be quite useful and not so difficult to
> arrange some backup plans:
> 1) what you really need is probably just a working intranet.  Some
> laptops can be used as wifi access points, if one of the participants
> can provide this you should be good.  Alternatively there exists light
> weight "travel routers", though maybe it's a bit short time now to
> search for such a thing.  Alternatively, "ordinary" access points are
> cheap and can be borrowed or bought anywhere and should serve you
> well.
> 2) GPRS/UMTS works almost anywhere.  It should be sufficient that one
> of the participants have a cheap UK subscription and the possibility
> to use it from his own laptop or share it out.
We do have extra laptops, access points and some 3G cards. Possibly
don't have the time to set things like a proxy server up.


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