[EuroPython] Session Chairs required

Richard Taylor rjt-pyconuk at thegrindstone.me.uk
Mon Jul 5 17:55:52 CEST 2010

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There are still plenty of talks left that need session chairs.

A description of the role of the session chair can be found on the wiki:

"The primary duty of the session chair is to make sure that the speakers
start, and more importantly, stop on time. It is not fair to other
speakers or to delegates if the conference has fallen behind the timetable."

If you'd like to help, but don't want to over-commit, feel free to
volunteer to chair a limited number of talks. Every little helps!

We will give a briefing to all session chairs at the start of the
conference to ensure that everyone feels comfortable with what is
expected of them.

Being a session chair only takes a few minutes at the start and end of
each talk session but it makes the proceedings run much more smoothly.
It also makes the speakers feel more relaxed if there is someone there
to great them and ensure that they have what they need and to help solve
any issues (or at least sympathise).

So please sign up to chair a few sessions. Just add your name to the
Session Chairs table on the wiki:

If you have an questions please drop me an email and I will do what I
can to answer them.

See you all at the conference.

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