[EuroPython] JavaScript meeting: Wednesday, 9.45am, Library Theatre

Jonathan Fine jfine at pytex.org
Thu Jul 15 09:29:11 CEST 2010


As webapps do more in the client, there's growing interest in JavaScript 
in the Python world.  There are 14 JavaScript related talks at this 
EuroPython (listed at http://wiki.europython.eu/JavaScript).

I thought it would be nice for all interested in JavaScript to meet in 
person and as a group, so I've set up a meeting as part of the main 
talks schedule.

It's currently scheduled for Wednesday at 9.45am in the Library Theatre. 
   That's right after the keynote.

To help you choose, other talks scheduled at that time are
   Taming Twisted with Generators: Raymond Hettinger
   What I learnt at PyCon: Jason Kirtland
   Organise a Python code dojo!: Nicholas Tollervey

I organised a similar meeting as part of EuroPython 2008 (in Vilnius) 
and it went well.  As I recall there were about 20 of us, mostly divided 
into two groups, (1) those coming into JavaScript from Python, and (2) 
those for whom browser scripting has been for a long time their main 

The wiki page for the meeting is 

You can learn about my interests there, and I hope you'll add to the 
page your interests.


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