[EuroPython] Registering as speaker / EU VAT ID

David Mugnai dvd at gnx.it
Tue Mar 22 01:20:31 CET 2011

On Mon, 2011-03-21 at 18:58 +0100, M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
> Hello,

> I have two questions regarding the registration process:
> 1. Speaker signup
> I'd like to submit a talk or two and would like to register
> as speaker, but the registration form only has "private",
> "student" and "company".
> Is the speaker registration not
> available yet, or should I just sign up as "company" and
> then set some flag later on ?

The speaker registration is opened since February 17th  and will last
until April 6th.

There is no a "private", "student" or "company" account, you can became
a speaker just submitting a talk following this link:


The distinctions between "private", "student" or "company" come into
play when you are buying a ticket

> 2. Charging VAT to companies
> On the company registration form you say "Company fares allow
> for full tax deduction. 20% VAT will always be included in the
> invoices because of Italian tax regulations, and will need to
> be fully paid (even by companies in the EU area); in most
> countries, VAT can be recovered when filing tax return forms."
> The latter is true, but is a lot of paper work and usually
> only feasible if you are talking about EUR 500+ in VAT from a
> single EU country.

[snip on the vies system]

The Italian law DPR 633/1972 of 1st Jan 2011, according to our business
consultant, provides a fixed VAT rate of 20% for any sales, regarding
cultural events, until 3000 euro.

In short I don't think that we, Python Italia, can reverse charge the
VAT to your company, but tomorrow I will write to our business
consultant for clarification.

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