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As far as I know this is actually the developer mailing list for flask.
The better option is to ask your question on Stack Overflow or similar
sites. There you will benefit from a lot more users, too.
And btw. just asking for a whole code solution for your project is a bad
idea! Try it by yourself and ask specific questions on Stack Overflow if
you need any help.


On Fri, Oct 30, 2015 at 10:52 AM, Vishnu via Flask <flask at python.org> wrote:

> Hello All
> My intention is using flask only as a rest server, clients issues rest
> request to get
> Json data that is very huge,  I need to implement using route, initially
> client asks how many records he wants, based on this I will read the whole
> Json data in a file and send only so many objects and return a Json
> response on how many total requests the client needs to make and the
> current request number, client will further make more rest requests with
> remaining request numbers, could you please provide a python code for
> server implementation? The Json data is in a file and huge, how do we make
> sure server opens the file and skip so many objects that are already read
> and continue from there based on the client request numbers with some
> Python code to follow.
> Thanks in advance for help,
> Vishnu
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