[GSoC-general] Idea for Intractive visualization library in Python, which will work in IPython notebook and any Python web application framework

Shekhar Rajak shekharrajak.1994 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 12:25:44 EST 2019

Hello all,
Myself Shekhar (GSoC 2016 - SymPy and GSoC 2017 - SciRuby student developer). In this thread, I just want to discuss my idea about a new python library of dat visualiztion.we can see that there are good plotting libraries present for Python.  But for web application we usually want a smooth and interactive charts/graphs for better UI and UX. In those cases, developers are switching to JavaScript plotting libraries  (I personally like Googlecharts and Highcharts ). 
So, here is my idea to solve this problem : 
- We should have a library that can generate javascript for the given data source (list, list of lists, Pandas DataFrame, numpy array, ..).- Using the library API, first we will load the dependent js file (js for GoogleChart or HighChart ).- Now, the generated javascript code(Googlechart or highchart js code) for the chart, now will be able to display the chart in web page or IPython notebook. Also chart can be exported in html, svg, jpeg, .. format, when the user is running code in the terminal.
Why GoogleChart or/and HighChart :
- Both is actively getting updated and features are being added day by day.- Supports almost all kinds od charts and map.- Charts can be customized using input options.
My work related to this :
- I worked on the same for Ruby - SciRuby/daru-view, that can work smoothly in IRuby notebook, any ruby web application and generate image/html file in terminal.- You can see examples present in this nbviewer link.- API can be seen in README file . 
Let me know, your suggestions and comment on this idea. Also let me know if it is possible to add this idea in GSoC 2019 idea list. 
Thanks and regards,Shekhar Prasad Rajak,
Contact : +918142478937Blog | Github | TwitterSkype: shekhar.rajak1

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