[GSoC-general] Request for GSOC participation grant

omu inetimi inetimimizzle at gmail.com
Sun Mar 24 02:04:25 EDT 2019

Dear python representative,
             I'm Inetimi omu,  a Nigerian student and aspiring web
developer,pyhon enthusiast and game developer.  I would love to participate
in the GSOC 2019 and be among those who work on a project under your
organization.  Although I'm not an expert,  I guarantee that I will
participate to the best of my ability and I will surely improve while doing
so. I really want to participate in this year's GSOC , it will really aid
me as a developer and it is one of the life long goals I'd love to
accomplish.  Please consider my request,  I don't really have much to look
forward to, after my dad died last Year things have been real difficult for
I and my family and if I could gain this it would be a life and game
changer for me.  If there's any position available that could be given to
me which could help me develop my self while participating,  I'd love to
gain it.  I'm a real fast learner and can learn on the job. Please grant me
this wish and support my developer dreams.
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