[GSoC-general] Implementation of a "FIX"

meflin at meflin.net meflin at meflin.net
Thu Oct 17 15:41:36 EDT 2019

GSOC 2020 has not been announced and this is not how GSOC works You should 
read up on the documention for 2019. Get involved with a project you find 


On Thursday, October 3, 2019 3:08:06 AM MDT kiran srigiri wrote:
> I have been using python for about two months now and being an amateur I
> get a lot of errors while practising to code. It will a gift if there were
> something which could help people with their error right when they make it
> ,instead to googling it again and again for every error.
> As Python was listed in Gsoc for 2019 I was hoping that i will also be
> listed in 2020 and we can work on implementing a "FIX" button. Whenever a
> error is made by a user this button automatically searches the error in
> stackoverflow and displays the most related result.

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