[I18n-sig] A larger gold balance!

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Tue, 29 Oct 2002 20:01:52 -0500


<h1 align="center"><font size="+3"><font color="red">Hello all E-Gold and EVOcash account holders!</font></font></h1>
<P align=justify><b>&nbsp;&nbsp; We here at Your Gold Chance 
are honest, reliable and willing to help you achieve what you want most..... A 
larger e-gold balance! We have developed a program to give you a smart return 
without the usual wait of hyip's. For speed and convenience we utilize online 
digital currencies. We accept E-Gold and EVOcash.</b></P><B>
<P align=justify>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; All investments are based on a 33 week plan. We pay you 10% per week for a total of 33 weeks. You first payment starts 7 days after you invest and your capital is returned to you at the end of the 33th week.</P>
<P align=justify>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;The minimum Investment is $25.00USD and the maximum Investment is $25,000 USD. Do not send us any amount outside these parameters otherwise your investment will be returned without profit.<br></P></B>
<p align="left"><font size="+1"><font color="Red">If you are interested in this program visit site:</font></font></p>
<a href="http://www.yourgoldchance.net/invest.html"><font color="Blue">http://www.yourgoldchance.net/invest.html</font></a>
<p align="left"><font size="+1"><font color="Red">All additional  information you can get here:</font></font></p>
<a href="http://www.yourgoldchance.net/"><font color="Blue">http://www.yourgoldchance.net/</font></a>

<p align="left"><font size="+1"><font color="Red">If you would like to contact us, please send us an email:</font></font></p>
<A href="mailto:yourgoldchance@yourgoldchance.net"><font color="Blue">yourgoldchance@yourgoldchance.net</font></A>
<p  align="justify"><b>Our company will continue its best efforts to make good on every
payments on our program without any delay.</b></p>

<p><b>Thanks for choosing Your Gold Chance!<br>
Karen Andreozzi,<br>
Yor Gold Chance, Inc.</b></p>