[Idle-dev] Debian idle-python2.2 crashes

Kurt B. Kaiser kbk@shore.net
Sat, 02 Aug 2003 20:23:56 -0400

"paulette mercurius" <pmercurius@access4less.net> writes:

> When I do this idle crashes:
>>>>import gtk

There is no gtk module in the Python distribution.  Where are you
getting it?

> and it crashes, the window disappears from screen
> I discover this snippet of code in ObjectBrowser.py:
> def IsExpandable(self):
>         return not not dir(self.object)
> Is return not not proper coding
> This may be the problem
> How to correct that, if so

This is fine, it's an idiom to convert the value of dir(self.object)
to a Boolean.  If a directory of the object exists, IsExpandable
returns True.

We are supporting IDLEfork on 2.2 and IDLE on 2.3.  Please upgrade to
one of these and try again.

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