[Idle-dev] printing in IDLE

Kurt B. Kaiser kbk at shore.net
Fri Apr 9 12:07:59 EDT 2004

<tpc at csua.berkeley.edu> writes:

> I tried "Options/Configure IDLE/Keys/print-window -
> <Control-Key-p>/'Get New Keys for Selection' & 'Select As New Custom
> Key Set'" to no avail.

This should have worked for you.  I just tried it with IDLE 1.0.2 on
Windows2000 and it worked as expected.

What new key combo did you select for print-window?  You might try

1. Select "Get New Keys for Selection"
2. Click on Ctrl, click on Alt, click on p in the scroll widget.
3. You should now see <Control-Alt-p> in "new keys for 'print-window".
4. Click OK to return to the Keys Dialog.
5. Enter a name for your custom key set.  Click OK.
6. Your custom key set should now be selected in the right hand panel.
7. Click Ok

Be sure your custom keyset is selected in the "Select a Key Set" panel
of the Keys dialog, and that the new binding appears in the "Set
Custom Key Bindings" scroll widget.

Test to see if this works.  At this point, there sould be a
config-keys.cfg file in your ~/.idlerc/ directory which contains
your custom key set.

BTW, I'm not aware of a button "Select As New Custom Key Set".  You
probably meant "Save as...".  It's not necessary to hit that button
unless you want to define more than one custom key set.  Once you
select a new key, there is a dialog to name and save the new key set
(#5 above).  If it already exists, any changes are applied
automagically and #5 is skipped.  

Eliminating the keybinding from config-keys.def probably won't work
because there is a backup binding in configHandler.py which is 
designed to be a fall-back if the binding in config-keys.def is
missing.  Stephen's belt and suspenders  :-)

You could change the keybinding in config-keys.def, but that should
not be necessary.  The idea is to change the user's custom
configuration in .idlerc using the Options/Configure IDLE dialog
rather than alter IDLE's internal configuration files.  

If the Configure dialog isn't working for you, I'd like to make an
effort to find out why it isn't.


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