[Idle-dev] printing in IDLE

tpc at csua.berkeley.edu tpc at csua.berkeley.edu
Fri Apr 9 13:17:11 EDT 2004

Hello Kurt, yes I did mean 'Save As New Custom Key Set.' My apologies for
any confusion.  I went to "Options/Configure IDLE/Keys".  The right hand
panel had "a Built-in Key Set' selected and showed "IDLE Classic Windows,"
though I'm on Debian Linux.  I selected 'print-window -
<Control-Key-p>'/'Get New Keys for Selection' then clicked <Ctrl>, <Alt>,
'p', 'Ok', named my new Custom Key Set 'print-window' and pressed Ok.  I
noticed now my right hand panel had "a Custom Key Set" selected, "IDLE
Classic Windows" was no longer bold but was still indicated and below in
bold was 'print-window'.  I pressed 'Apply', 'Ok', closed my old IDLE
window, fired up a new IDLE window, and voila, Ctrl-p no longer prints but
Ctrl-Alt-p does.  Thank you.  I think what I was trying before was
clearing the keys and leaving it blank, which is not allowed.  BTW, I
think I understand the belt and suspenders analogy, but who is Stephen ?

On Fri, 9 Apr 2004, Kurt B. Kaiser wrote:

> This should have worked for you.  I just tried it with IDLE 1.0.2 on
> Windows2000 and it worked as expected.
> What new key combo did you select for print-window?  You might try
> Control-Alt-p:
> 1. Select "Get New Keys for Selection"
> 2. Click on Ctrl, click on Alt, click on p in the scroll widget.
> 3. You should now see <Control-Alt-p> in "new keys for 'print-window".
> 4. Click OK to return to the Keys Dialog.
> 5. Enter a name for your custom key set.  Click OK.
> 6. Your custom key set should now be selected in the right hand panel.
> 7. Click Ok
> Be sure your custom keyset is selected in the "Select a Key Set" panel
> of the Keys dialog, and that the new binding appears in the "Set
> Custom Key Bindings" scroll widget.
> Test to see if this works.  At this point, there sould be a
> config-keys.cfg file in your ~/.idlerc/ directory which contains
> your custom key set.
> BTW, I'm not aware of a button "Select As New Custom Key Set".  You
> probably meant "Save as...".  It's not necessary to hit that button
> unless you want to define more than one custom key set.  Once you
> select a new key, there is a dialog to name and save the new key set
> (#5 above).  If it already exists, any changes are applied
> automagically and #5 is skipped.
> Eliminating the keybinding from config-keys.def probably won't work
> because there is a backup binding in configHandler.py which is
> designed to be a fall-back if the binding in config-keys.def is
> missing.  Stephen's belt and suspenders  :-)
> You could change the keybinding in config-keys.def, but that should
> not be necessary.  The idea is to change the user's custom
> configuration in .idlerc using the Options/Configure IDLE dialog
> rather than alter IDLE's internal configuration files.
> If the Configure dialog isn't working for you, I'd like to make an
> effort to find out why it isn't.
> --

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