[Idle-dev] IDLE Development and Suggestions

Michael Foord mike at pcblokes.com
Fri Dec 3 18:56:39 CET 2004

Is their still progress on the development of IDLE ? (This group is very 
quiet !).

I generally find IDLE a very nice editor. It has a few minor flaws that 
make it a bit more annoying to use than it should be though :

    Under windows subprocess crashes IDLE if it has more than one 
interactive shell open - editing modules without a subprocess is very 
frustrating !

    A lack of horizontal scrollbar

    No cut and past in the context menu (selected text disappears when 
you right click because you've forgotten IDLE doesn't have cut and paste 
like everything else - doh !)

    In windows it is normal to leave the contents of the clipboard when 
closing an application. Loads of times I've opened IDLE, copied some 
code I need and closed IDLE again. Gone to paste it into another 
application *damn* it's vanished from the clipboard....

I've also been having fun trying to bundle IDLE using py2exe. I'll send 
a separate email about that.

Best Regards,

Michael Foord

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