[Idle-dev] Re: Feature request, evaluate an expression when stopped at a breakpoint

Grégoire Dooms dooms at info.ucl.ac.be
Mon Jun 14 04:29:40 EDT 2004

Sorry for multiple posts, but the original mail has been retained by 
moderator, I got no news from it and I could not delete it.

Al Schapira a.d.schapira at worldnet.att.net
wrote on Thu Apr 1 14:23:47 EST 2004 :

> I've been using IDLE both for debugging my own code and for learning
> about how other folks code works.  There is a feature that I'm looking
> for that is so basic I believe it must be possible, but I haven't seen
> it described anywhere:  the ability to enter and evaluate an expression
> when stopped at a breakpoint.  The expression would be evaluated in the
> context of the current breakpoint.
I would need this too.
I currently uses the simple pdb comand line debugger included in python
to do this.
I mostly use it under ipython to benefit from its 'debug at uncaught
exception' feature.

> Building on this would be the *automatic* evaluation of one or more 
> previously entered expressions every time a breakpoint was hit.

> I envision an additional subwindow of the idle window in which each
> user's expression and its value would be automatically displayed when
> stopped at a breakpoint. The expressions to be evaluated could be
> entered or changed whenever idle is stopped at any breakpoint.
> Other debuggers I used (for C debugging) have a similar capability.

If you are referring a feature similar to breakpoint command lists in
gdb, i submitted a patch to pdb in order to support this feature:

Grégoire Dooms

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