[Idle-dev] Python 2.3 IDLE is randomly freezing.

Markus Ingvarsson markus.ingvarsson at lugn.nu
Sun May 9 08:44:30 EDT 2004

I'm having the same problems as Martin and I can't see any response from him,
so I'll jump in :-)

>> What happens is that after 10 minutes or so of typing in the idle
>> editor window the application freezaes and stops repainting. There is
>> no traceback output on the terminal.
>> How do I go about debugging this? I tried to instantiate an
>> EditorWindow in the debugger but it appears to require quite a bit
>> of environment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Could be difficult.  From what you say, it's happening while you
> are entering code, not executing it.  That's a critical difference.
> Is there any pattern to the failures?  Are you entering a lot of
> text?

For me, it always happens when I'm typing "fast", mostly when deleting large
chunks of text. It doesn't matter if it's in PyShell or while editing a file.

> Keep running apt-get upgrade.  Try Sarge, if possible.

I was running the version in testing but upgraded and hoped the bug would be fixed..

> Try running IDLE with the -n switch so it starts without the
> subprocess.  If you still see the problem, it's likely Sid has
> lost his mind again.  

Still hangs.

> Otherwise, if the problem disappears there may be an issue with
> subprocess communications.
> In rpc.py, near the end, you will find two debugging switches:
> debugging = False 
> Set these to True and restart IDLE.  This will generate a lot of trace
> information relative to communications between the GUI and the
> subprocess.  Note that because of threading and multiprocess issues,
> the traces are not strictly in time sequence order.  But they have
> sequence numbers to help with the analysis.

Changed debugging to True in RPCClient and RPCHandler, a lot of output
is produced but nothing special when it hangs though.

> What's the Debian Bug # ?


Markus Ingvarsson

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