[Idle-dev] script changed by another process

Kurt B. Kaiser kbk at shore.net
Tue Feb 1 04:44:08 CET 2005

paul breen <pgb9607 at yahoo.com> writes:

> I like to use my favorite editor to make most changes to a script then
> switch to IDLE to run the program. The trouble is that idle does not
> detect that the file has been changed like most editors do. Usually a
> code editor will ask to reload the file. Idle will not reflect the
> change even if the file is opened again within the same window. The
> only way to get around the problem is to close the window and re-open
> the file in a new window. Are there plans to change to change this
> behavior?

This sounds familiar, though I don't see a Bug in either Python or

It's not high on my list.  Fixing it is not too big an issue, it
would require adding a timestamp attribute to the EditorWindow class
and comparing it to the file on disk before running or saving.

Maybe you could provide a patch.  Otherwise enter a Bug in the
Python tracker and maybe we'll get to it someday.

Why not use IDLE to edit the code?  It's very convenient, with
one keystroke save, syntax check, and run in shell.


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