[Idle-dev] using idle to log changes in modules

Scott Rifkin scott.rifkin at yale.edu
Sat Jan 22 02:22:09 CET 2005

I'd like to tweak idle to so that each time I save a module that I'm 
working on, idle saves and dates the changes that I've made since the last 
save.  It probably would make sense to save them in an adjunct file 
separated by the time.

It seems to me this information is stored in an idle session because 
after I've made changes, I can Edit-Undo back to the previously saved 
version.  Alternatively, there could be another save option Save-and-log 
which calls a function to compare the two files and logs the changes.  

The eventual goal would be to take a current file and reconstruct how it 
was at a specific time in the past presumably by iterating backwards 
through the changes since that time.

This is my first time looking into the inner workings of idle, so any 
suggestions of how I could go about doing this would be very welcome - 
where in the idle files the relevant pieces are.

Thanks much,
Scott Rifkin

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