[Idle-dev] idle -h etc

Kurt B. Kaiser kbk at shore.net
Thu Jun 16 20:06:10 CEST 2005

Hernan Martinez Foffani <hernan at orgmf.com.ar> writes:

>>> Just because you've asked, my wish list is:
>>> - A config option to set the current working
>>>   directory on shell startup.
>> It already does this for me.
> Ah...  In 2.4 maybe?  Apologize then.  I'm still using 2.3.

According to IDLE's NEWS.txt, it appears that the functionality
changed before 2.3.1.

Using the command line, when I cd to some directory and open IDLE,
that directory is prepended to sys.path.  If I use File / Open, the
file browser starts in that directory.  If I open a module somewhere
else, the start point of the file browser is changed to the directory
of the module, but os.path.curdir is unchanged until modified by

When using the Windows Start menu, the startup directory for IDLE can
be modified by changing the IDLE launcher Properties Start In: value.

I probably don't understand your request yet.  Please describe in
detail what you are experiencing and what you are looking for.

If there was a 'project' feature, would each project want to have
its own starting directory?


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