[Idle-dev] idle -h etc

Hernan Martinez Foffani hernan at orgmf.com.ar
Thu Jun 16 21:33:47 CEST 2005

>>>> - A config option to set the current working
>>>>   directory on shell startup.
> Using the command line, when I cd to some directory and open IDLE,
> that directory is prepended to sys.path.  If I use File / Open, the
> file browser starts in that directory.  If I open a module somewhere
> else, the start point of the file browser is changed to the directory
> of the module, but os.path.curdir is unchanged until modified by
> os.chdir(). 

This is ok for me.  It's intuitive enough that I don't have to
remember the behaviour.

I was refering to:

> When using the Windows Start menu, the startup directory for IDLE can
> be modified by changing the IDLE launcher Properties Start In: value.

If I could choose I rather not change the installed shortcuts.

> If there was a 'project' feature, would each project want to have its
> own starting directory? 

mm...  no.  I think it won't be needed.  It's enough if it
works like it does for File/Open today.


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