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Anderson, Errol AndersonE at pbworld.com
Tue Nov 1 22:53:40 CET 2005

I do a lot of Python programming and to date have used EditPlus at my
editor, through habit rather than anything else.  I have had a quick
look at the IDLE file editor in the Windows shell and I have the
following comments:

1. Confusion between tabs and spaces

I feel that IDLE should work only in tabs and not try converting from
tabs to spaces and back again.  If I edit a file that was edited in a
different editor (e.g. EditPlus), the left and right arrows move one tab
at a time.  If I press enter to insert a new line that is not after an
'if' statement, this behaviour continues, as it should.  However a new
line after an 'if' statement appears to add an extra tab (- a nice
feature) but as four spaces, not as a tab, even though the default tab
setting is 8 spaces.  This behaviour appears to be independent of the
Toggle Tabs setting.

This behaviour basically makes IDLE impossible to use as each line will
have a different tab arrangement.  I understand that using the Tabify /
Untabify options will fix this up but this is hardly satisfactory.
Please tell me if there is a way to make the file editor function in a
more acceptable way.

2. Displaying non-printing (tabs, spaces and end-of-line) characters


Is there some way to do this ?  I have gone thorugh all the settings
without success.

3. Wordwrap

How do I turn this on, to wrap at the window edge?

4. Code Context

A great feature, but can it be synchronised with the cursor position
rather than the top of the page?  Also could the window expand or scroll
to show all levels of the current loops, not limited to 3 levels?

5. Class Browser

Another great feature, but this would be more useful if it could be
docked in the edit window rather than floating free.

I look forward to any comments and/or assistance that can be offered.

Best regards


Errol Anderson

Chief Scientist, Geothermal Resources Group

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