[Idle-dev] Location of configuration files

Jason Doucette jason at jasondoucette.com
Tue Oct 18 21:17:53 CEST 2005


> GvR recommends that Python be installed at toplevel.  Especially when
> using the command line, the space in "Program Files" causes problems.
> You'll find that even Windows by itself sometimes has problems with
> that space when you are running a command window; you need to quote
> the silly thing.

Yes, it's give and take...

I hope GvR understands this type of installation is not standard, and not 
what the user expects.  Doing something the user does not expect is an 
indication something is likely broken.

(e.g. This essay by Joel Spolsky shows a great example of him breaking his 
own design principle:
"...The program design violated a principle I wrote myself in big bold print 
in my own book: it didn't do what you expected...")

Regarding all the 'bad' about the spaces in file/directory names, I am not 
sure how this differs much from other OS's.  The biggie is that "Program 
Files" is the default/expected install location for most software, so nearly 
all of it is put through the 'test', where it can be avoided on other OS's.

I believe an important issue is that developers should test their software 
under "Program Files", since this is the likely install location some 
customers will want -- as it is best to be bitten by the annoyance during 
development, than during that first install of a customer who does not like 
cluttering the root directory.  Installing Python into "Program Files" will 
help force this to occur.

>> Kurt, I notice the .idlerc directory on my Windows XP box is located 
>> here:
>> C:\Documents and Settings\Jason\.idlerc
>> Shouldn't this be:
>> C:\Documents and Settings\Jason\Application Data\.idlerc
>> (I apologize if I am missing something for being 'out of the loop'.)
> Yes, that might be even better.  Send a patch?

Ok, I have NO experience with creating / sending patches.  I will try and 
look into it if I have some time.  For now, should I post a bug within the 
bug database?

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www.jasondoucette.com / www.xona.com

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