[Idle-dev] newbie question: getting emacs keybindings in IDLE

Ron MacNeil ronmac at media.mit.edu
Fri Oct 21 22:36:42 CEST 2005

I am using IDLE version 1.1.1 in python 2.4.1 and would like to add the
simplest emacs keybindings like C-p for 'move up one line', C-f 'move 
forward a character'... C-n  'move down a line'... etc....

Can you please point me to some approach that will do this? I've tried to edit the existing IDLE keybindings but didn't really get very 
far (kept banging into C-f being bound to Find even though I removed all references to it in config-keys.def.... etc )
I also have tried using XEmacs and find the lack of color a real pain.  I've searched the web for emacs keybindings for 
IDLE and found some interesting pointers but have not got anything to work..
any help will be much appreciated..
many thanks,
cheers, ronmac

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