[Idle-dev] IDLE Hung up after open script by command line

John Zelle john.zelle at wartburg.edu
Wed Sep 20 22:27:46 CEST 2006

To me, the issue is not so much a single user editing multiple files, but 
rather the situation when you have a shared machine with multiple 
(simultaneous) users, as is frequently the case in a lab environment. With a 
fixed port, remote and local users cannot both be running IDLE. If this patch 
addresses that, then I think it should be given high priority.


On Wednesday 20 September 2006 3:13 pm, Ronald Oussoren wrote:
> On Sep 20, 2006, at 9:43 PM, Tal Einat wrote:
> > P.S. The reason "Edit with IDLE" opens IDLE without a subprocess is
> > that in the current version there can only be one instance of IDLE
> > with a subprocess. I have submitted a patch to workaround this, and
> > which allows multiple version of IDLE to run in parallel, each with
> > a subprocess of its own. The patch must be more thoroughly tested
> > and tweaked, but IMO is worth giving a try.
> Is that really necessary? I've added 'editor with IDLE' functionality
> to IDLE on OSX and that just opens all files you open in the same
> copy of IDLE. IMHO that is more useful that starting several copies
> of IDLE when you open multiple files.
> The disadvantage is that you can have only one shell window open.
> Your patch could be used to fix that (given your description of the
> patch, I haven't looked at the actual patch).
> Ronald

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