[Idle-dev] Fwd: Unsolved problem.

Tal Einat taleinat at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 15:16:01 CEST 2008

Mark Fenton wrote:
>Tal Einat wrote:
>> This works for me, after having saved the code as C:\hilo.py :
>> I create a shortcut to hilo.py on the desktop, then enter the
>> shortcut's properties and enter this in the 'target' field:
>> C:\Python25\python.exe C:\Python25\Lib\idlelib\idle.py -r C:\hilo.py
>> (copy/paste and run this in the command line first to make sure that
>> it works right)
>> You could alternatively change the 'start in' field to
>> "C:\Python25\Lib\idlelib" (without the quotes), and the just have
>> "idle.bat -r C:\hilo.py" in the 'target' field.
>> Note that when doing this, the IDLE shell will not close once the code
>> is finished; it will become interactive and require the user the close
>> it manually.
>> Enjoy,
>> - Tal

> Many thanks Tal I'd just about given up hope of ever finding a solution
> to this time consuming problem. Tried your previous suggestions of
> idle.bat etc but only succeeded in producing a blank IDLE
> "New >Window" without the game itself running.
> [snip]
> Once again many thanks...
> Mark

Hi Mark,

Did you try my first suggestion? If so, did you make sure to get it
working from the command line first? Even if Vista (or some other
version of Windows) has weird shortcut issues, it should definitely
work from the command line.

(To open the command line, Start -> Run -> type "cmd" and hit Return)

Which version of Windows are you using?

Please send your replies to the IDLE-dev list as well if they are
relevant to the issue you are having, so that others in the future may
also benefit from our conversation. When doing so, please add your
reply below the relevant bit of the previous conversation, as I have.

Hoping we can get this working for you soon,
- Tal

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