[Idle-dev] IDLE 2.6.4 crashes constantly

Bruce Sherwood Bruce_Sherwood at ncsu.edu
Thu Apr 1 19:17:57 CEST 2010

Martin Löwis was a co-mentor with me on Polo's project, and Löwis, who 
is one of the Python developers, said he would make sure that Polo's 
improvements would go into Python. However, I'll emphasize that I know 
absolutely nothing about how Python politics works, and absolutely 
nothing about a possible schedule for the needed update to happen. So 
the simple answer to your question is no, I have no idea how to work 
with the Python developers to make this happen, beyond my involvement 
with last summer's project.

I should say that the improvements to IDLE were triggered by David 
Scherer, who found that in recent years some important aspects of the 
big changes he made to IDLE in the year 2000 had gotten lost or diluted, 
and he addressed some of the most serious issues some months before 
Guilherme Polo began work on IDLE last summer. Polo built on this work 
and did an excellent job of addressing some other issues as well, 
Scherer, Polo, and I agreed to call the improved version VIDLE to make 
it clear that it is "unofficial" and different, but we all hope 
fervently that VIDLE turns into regular IDLE.

My own involvement in this was due to the use of IDLE by thousands of 
college freshmen who use VPython for computational modeling in the 
context of the Matter & Interactions physics curriculum developed by 
Ruth Chabay and me (matterandinteractions.org). Problems with IDLE were 
getting in the way of our instructional goals.

Bruce Sherwood

On 4/1/2010 12:41 PM, Ronald Oussoren wrote:
> On 1 Apr, 2010, at 18:18, Bruce Sherwood wrote:
>> Last summer in the context of the Google Summer of Code a Brazilian student named Guilherme Polo fixed a large number of problems with IDLE. Supposedly this will some day end up in the standard Python release.
> Are you (as one of the vpython maintainers) working with the python developers to make this happen?
> Ronald
>> In the meantime, you can get this version, called VIDLE for now, at vpython.org. Perhaps it will solve your problems.
>> Bruce Sherwood
>> On 3/9/2010 7:25 AM, Steffen Møller-Larsen wrote:
>>> Hi, all
>>> I have recently downloaded and installed IDLE 2.6.4 via an Activepython distribution. I find that IDLE crashes over and over again causing it to freeze completely. It is a real pain if the work has not been saved. I am running it on a fairly new iMac running OSX 10.6.2. Is this a common problem for this version? Thank you in advance.
>>> Respectfully
>>> Steffen Møller-Larsen
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