[Idle-dev] idle py2.7 disappearing output

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Mon Aug 16 22:30:23 CEST 2010

On 8/13/2010 1:06 PM, Michael Allan wrote:
> I just installed 2.7, and also tried 3.1 with the same issue - any code
> more than one line will not show the output, it just instantly runs the
> code and goes back to a new (blank) prompt line. I am on winxp pro sp2.
> for example:
IDLE works fine on windows for most people.

By enter, do you mean type on the keyboard or paste? Pasting only 
executes one statement. To paste multiple lines, either use the command 
window interpreter or an IDLE edit window (see below).

> print 52
> + Enter will correctly print '52' then goto a new command prompt
> however:
> x=52
> print 52
> + Enter will just go right to the new command prompt, printing nothing.

Copy and paste what you see like this

 >>> x = 52
 >>> print(52)
 >>> x = 52; print(52)

> put a new line of code into the shell directly instead of copy/paste
> from notepad all the time)

Use IDLE's editor to edit code. Use F5 (Run) to run the code. Use 
Options/Configure/General to turn off save prompt if you prefer.

PS I think this list is really for development of IDLE, not usage 
questions. The latter can just as well go to python-list and get quicker 
Terry Jan Reedy

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