[Idle-dev] IDLE Tiled

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Tue Oct 5 05:44:28 CEST 2010

On 10/4/2010 3:18 PM, Tal Einat wrote:

> +1 that the OSX binary should include tcl/tk 8.5 so that Tkinter and
> IDLE can work out of the box, regardless of what is otherwise installed.
> That's how it works on Windows and I can't think of a reason for this to
> be different on OSX. I'm pretty sure have things just work trumps making
> the binary installer smaller.
> Anyone who wants to install Python otherwise (e.g. compile from source
> or use aptitude/macports/etc.) will have deal with dependencies, and
> Python should require tcl/tk 8.5 from 3.3 onwards. This dependency
> should be stated explicitly where appropriate.

While I would be happy if someone else polished up IDLE in the next 
couple of months, during the 3.2alpha (new feature) period, I will not 
be able contribute much at present. So I am personally targeting 3.3 for 
anything that I substantially help with. One of the first things I would 
like to do is review the bug reports and feature requests and develop 
here an overall plan. I anticipate that part of such a plan would be 
using the themed widgets. They are part of the stdlib and I do not think 
we should be prohibited from using stdlib modules just because some 
distributors fail to enable them. Such a plan could also include 
instructions on how to install tile with tcl/tk 8.4 if it seems that 
that would still be needed when 3.3 comes out.

The ttk use issue was discussed as part of the IDLE future discussion of 
a couple of months ago (that Tal initiated). I think most comments on 
pydev were in neutral to favorable, though there was no definitive 
decision or conclusion. Given agreement here and a plan, I would be 
willing to announce such on pydev.

Terry Jan Reedy

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