[Idle-dev] IDLE going forward

Bruce Sherwood Bruce_Sherwood at ncsu.edu
Thu Feb 3 00:22:35 CET 2011

You may or not be aware that there is a "VIDLE" distributed with
VPython (vpython.org) that incorporates many improvements made by
David Scherer and Guilhermo Polo (during a recent Google Summer of
Code) that are supposed to be moved into the standard Python
distribution. In fact, Guido asked that despite the freeze, these
changes be put into Python 2.7. But I don't know when this might

On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 3:45 PM, Douglas S. Blank <dblank at brynmawr.edu> wrote:
> * allow IDLE to startup with either shell or editor

This is a configuration option in the standard IDLE. VIDLE has some
additional useful configuration options:

If file has never been saved, Prompt to Save or No prompt. Many of us
find this extremely useful, because it means one can write a tiny
program and run it instantly, without the distraction of having to
save the file first. It provides for whole programs the immediacy
otherwise available only in the shell.

If file has been saved before, Prompt to Save or No prompt. Similar to
the previous, but it makes sure you've saved the file to some known
place before you go on.

On first error, Bring shell forward or Do nothing. This is very
important for novice users who often fill the screen with the edit
window and then don't see an error message.

> * Don't show the weird, scary message about Personal Firewall subprocessing
> and loopbacks. That is not a good way to introduce people to computing!

Eliminated from VIDLE.

Bruce Sherwood

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