[Idle-dev] I18n of IDLE's interface ?

Damien damienlog at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 13:30:51 CEST 2013


I'm Damien MARIE, the patch author of http://bugs.python.org/issue17776

I think adding _(..) add a negligeable overhead on the code but a practical
enchancement for many reasons : teaching kids and language consistency for
the user mainly.

The translation files aren't in the idle dir, but in a special local dir of
the user (see gettext doc).

Also I've add (but it's not in this patch) an option in idle config to
disable i18n (for unit-testing for example or to overhead the system
locale) but also to make it a disabled setting by default until the
translation environment is mature.

Should I add this setting to the config dialog ? ("Enable localisation" for

I think I will just translate the menu, the context menu and the dialogs
for now. (except some dialog like the About Dialog). Anyway, you will see
that in my patch.


2013/4/18 Olivier Berger <olivier.berger at telecom-sudparis.eu>

> Terry Jan Reedy <tjreedy at udel.edu> writes:
> > On 4/17/2013 4:54 PM, Terry Jan Reedy wrote:
> > [snip]
> >> Looking at the patch at http://bugs.python.org/issue17776
> > [snip]
> > This patch appears to solve the chicken and egg problem* by providing an
> > initial egg. (It is useless to add Il8n facility if there are no
> > translation files to use it. It is useless to write a translation file
> > if the is no facility to use it.) I thought about it and posted a fairly
> > long review with questions. My conclusion is this:
> >
> > "Perhaps there should be an IdleIl8n project on PyPI. In fact, such a
> > project could be done without 'official' cooperation. If indeed there is
> > no such project, I would wonder whether such absence indicates an
> > absence of need. Or is it knowledge of how? Testing something as a 3rd
> > party distribution and getting community acceptance is one normal way
> > for things to get added to the stdlib."
> >
> I'm not so sure I get your point, but usually, things proceed as such in
> all FLOSS projects I know about that use the gettext standard : the core
> devs replace plaing strings by their _("...") counterparts, and let
> contributors (translators, sometimes organized in teams), provide the
> translations for these, as .po files. There may also at times be the
> need for a translation manager [0] coordinating contributions of
> translators who may not be tech-savvy.
> Then the compiled .mo files are distributed in the archive by the devs,
> with some freeze periods before releases, that provide time for
> translators to update the message translations up to the state of the
> source.
> This is fairly usual, and without knowledge of the Python or IDLE
> dev/release process, I don't really see why such a common process
> couldn't apply here.
> > This list would be an appropriate place to discuss such a project, at
> > least for now, should Olivier and anyone else wish to pursue it.
> >
> In any case, to avoid duplication, I hereby volunteer for providing an
> initial fr.po file, once the patch adding the _("") will have been
> finalized (coordinated through http://bugs.python.org/issue17776 ?).
> Best regards,
> [0] http://producingoss.com/en/share-management.html#translation-manager
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