[PYTHON IMAGE-SIG] The Python Imaging Library -- now for Windows !

Fredrik Lundh fredrik_lundh@ivab.se
Thu, 23 May 1996 17:17:25 +0200

A sneak release of PIL 0.1b2 is now available, as a PYD file for Mark
Hammond's PythonWin.

See <http://www.python.org/sigs/image-sig/Imaging.html>

Regards	/F


This is release 0.1b2 (96-05-20)

*** Changes from release 0.1b1 ***

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: David Ascher and Fredrik Nehr pointed out a number
of bugs and typos in the original distribution of this version.  Mark
Hammond provided invaluable help when designing the Windows interface.

+ The main makefile now builds the dynamic extension as default.  To
  build an interpreter instead, use "make python".

+ Added Windows display support, via the ImageWin class (see "ImageWin.py"
  for details).

+ Makefiles to build Imaging.lib and the bindings for Windows NT and
  95 are included.  A pre-built PYD for Mark Hammond's PythonWin is
  distributed separately.

+ Added raster conversion for EPS files.  This requires GNU or Aladdin
  Ghostscript, and probably works on Unix only.

+ Added support for yet another file format: PhotoCD (PCD) images.  The
  base resolution (768x512) can be read from a PhotoCD file.

+ Eliminated some compiler warnings.  Bindings now compile cleanly in C++
  mode.  Note that the Imaging library itself must be compiled in C mode.

+ Added "bdf2pil.py", which converts BDF fonts into images with associated
  metrics.  This is definitely work in progress.  For info, see description
  in script for details.

+ Fixed a bug in the "ImageEnhance.py" module.

+ Fixed a bug in the netpbm save hack in "GifImagePlugin.py"

+ Fixed 90 and 270 degree rotation of rectangular images.

+ Now loads 8-bit TIFF palette-color images, and plane separated RGB
  and CMYK images.

+ Added driver debug mode.  This is enabled by setting Image.DEBUG
  to a non-zero value.  Try the -D option to "pilfile.py" and see what

+ Don't crash on "atend" constructs in PostScript files.

+ Only the Image module imports _imaging directly.  Other modules
  should refer to the binding module as "Image.core".

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