[PYTHON IMAGE-SIG] PIL Feature Summary

Fredrik Lundh fredrik_lundh@ivab.se
Thu, 30 May 1996 00:46:13 +0200

(hello? is there anybody out there?)

I've just uploaded a "feature summary" to the web site, but since it
isn't that much text, I post it here as well.

The 0.1b2 release has been delayed until next week in order to improve
the support for 8-bit displays under Windows.  This includes adaptive
palette generation, fast inverse palette mapping, and floyd-steinberg
error diffusion (in other words, decent "RGB" to "P" conversion).  And
I couldn't resist adding a few more file formats in the process...

If you wish to try it out, the PYD sneak release works fine on 15- and
24-bit displays.

Comments are welcomed.  Would be fun with at least some traffic on
this list, wouldn't it?

Regards	/F



     Last updated: May 29, 1996.

     Here's a summary of the current features in the Python Imaging Library
     (0.1b1). Things that have been added in the forthcoming 0.1b2 relese
     are also described.


   * Unix: known to run on Linux, Digital Unix (OSF/1), SGI, Solaris, and
     SunOS 4. Requires an ANSI C compiler to build (gcc works fine).
   * Windows: runs on 95 and NT. A prebuilt PYD for Mark Hammond's PythonWin
     is available (0.1b2).

     Image Objects

   * Bilevel, greyscale, palette, true colour (RGB), colour separation
   * Copy, cut, paste operations.
   * Flip, transpose, resize, rotate, and arbitrary affine transforms.
   * Transparency operations.
   * Channel and point operations.
   * Colour transforms, including matrix operations and quantization to
     predefined palettes (0.1b2).
   * Image enhancement, including convolution filters.

     File Formats

   * Full (Open/Load/Save): BMP, JPEG, PPM, TIFF.
   * Read only (Open/Load): CUR (0.1b2), DCX, EPS (with ghostscript), GBR,
     GD, GIF, ICO (0.1b2), PhotoCD (0.1b2), PCX, TGA, SGI, Sun Raster, XBM.
   * Identify only (Open): EPS, FLC, FLI, MPEG, MSP, PNG.

     Uses the IJG JPEG library to load and save JPEG files. All other
     formats are supported by the standard distribution.


   * Tk PhotoImage support for Tkinter.
   * Windows NT: GUI independent DIB support (0.1b2). This has been tested
     with PythonWin only.


   * Identify, convert, print images.
   * View images (Tkinter).


   * Documentation (PostScript only).
   * Postscript printing.
   * Graphics support (points, lines, rectangles, text).
   * X BDF font support (0.1b2)
   * Interface to Jack Jansen's IMG library.

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