[PYTHON IMAGE-SIG] PIL Feature Summary

Michael McLay mclay@eeel.nist.gov
Wed, 29 May 96 19:05:52 EDT

Fredrik Lundh writes:
> (hello? is there anybody out there?)
> I've just uploaded a "feature summary" to the web site, but since it
> isn't that much text, I post it here as well.
> The 0.1b2 release has been delayed until next week in order to improve
> the support for 8-bit displays under Windows.  This includes adaptive
> palette generation, fast inverse palette mapping, and floyd-steinberg
> error diffusion (in other words, decent "RGB" to "P" conversion).  And
> I couldn't resist adding a few more file formats in the process...
> If you wish to try it out, the PYD sneak release works fine on 15- and
> 24-bit displays.
> Comments are welcomed.  Would be fun with at least some traffic on
> this list, wouldn't it?

Ok, I'll speak up so you don't feel so lonely.  I tried out the module
about a week ago and it worked great.  The only problem I found was
it's dependance on xv for viewing images.  I envisioned the module as
a good starting point for the creation of an embeddable and extendable
version of xv.  How about hooking it up so images can be displayed
using a Tkinter Photo widget?  With a little effort someone could then
come up with an xv like tool that just uses Python, Tkinter and PAL.
This would also enable PIL to be used inside of Grail applets.

I'd do this myself, but: a) my clones currently on vacation, b) I
don't have the time in my schedule this month, or c) I'd rather use
*good* code, which means someone else should write it.  Take your pick
of excuses.  Anyway, I was just piping up since you were feeling
lonely.  PIL looks like a really nice start on an image library.
Please keep up the work.


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