[PYTHON IMAGE-SIG] Newbie: lena.jpg fails to load

Ken Whedbee whedbee@ddi.digital.net
28 Mar 1997 19:20:42 -0500

Fredrik Lundh <Fredrik_Lundh@ivab.se> writes:

> > Ok - I'll answer my own question.  I found out you have to have
> > -DHAVE_LIBJPEG in the DEFS= line in the Imaging/Makefile and in the
> > Imaging/libImaging/Makefile.  Too bad the "Setup" file doesn't
> > handle this automatically for you.
> (Strange.  Cannot recall seeing the original post...)
> In the next release, I've changed things so that everything on by
> default (its easier to realize that you have to delete stuff than add
> stuff, even if it is mentioned in the README...).  

That would solve the problem nicely.  Much better than having a newbie
(like me) digging through the source to figure out what the appropriate
#define's are to turn on support for something like jpeg ..  :)

BTW, kudos for the Imaging package !

Ken Whedbee 

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