[Image-SIG] return Imaging to Python

Huiying Shen hshen@ski.org
Tue, 22 Jun 1999 18:08:38 -0700


I am writing an C-extension which takes Imaging as input from Python
interpreter as well as return Imaging back to Python environment.  I am
having problem with the latter.  VC++5.0 says:  The instruction at
0x1e1388a9" referenced at "0x00000048".  The memory could not be read.

I used the identical code to generate a Python list in C and return it
to python just fine.

Any suggestion is appreciated.


Here is the code:

    import skImagingc
    sk = skImagingc.skImTst2()  #works ok
    dir(sk)                                  #crashs python

static PyObject *_wrap_skImTst2(PyObject *self, PyObject *args) {
    PyObject * _resultobj;

    self = self;
        return NULL;
    _resultobj = (PyObject*)skImTst2();

    return _resultobj;

Imaging skImTst2()
 Imaging im = ImagingNew("RGB",10,15);
 return im;

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