[Image-SIG] trouble using PIL on windows

Fredrik Lundh fredrik@pythonware.com
Wed, 8 Mar 2000 12:56:50 +0100

Jeffrey Kunce wrote:
> >I'm still looking for volunteers to create an installer that
>  >fits right in with the python.org distro... (the linux folks
>  >can handle this, you know ;-).  anyone?
> Would you want to use WISE? Or jump on the distutils bandwagon?

I think I would prefer something like the win32all distribution,
which means WISE.

> It wont be hard to simply install the PIL files. This "DLL load =
failed" problem
> may be trickier to deal with. Should "import FixTk" be added to =
> for windows installations? That seems to fix it for most people.

sounds reasonable -- but see (4) below.

> I guess the bigger question was raised by Cristian Echeverria:
> A question for the SecretLab People: Why _imaging.dll is linked
> to the tcl/tk DLLs ? That means that PIL did t work without tcl/tk?

PIL 1.0 can be built in three ways:

    1) without Tkinter support
    2) with Tkinter support in the _tkinter DLL
    3) with Tkinter support in the _imaging DLL

(2) was used for earlier windows distributions, (3) is used
for the current Windows distribution.

1.0.1 will support a fourth alternative:

    4) with Tkinter support in a separate _imaging_tk DLL.

(thanks to the debian folks, who tricked me in to
implementing it ;-)

with this on in place, FixTk should probably be imported
from ImageTk, not Image.

however, I probably don't have time to do a full release
of 1.0.1 before next month, but I can definitely provide
the necessary patches if someone wants to work on a
better windows installation.  just let me know.