[Image-SIG] Problem compiling DIB.C on Windows

howard@eegsoftware.com howard@eegsoftware.com
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 12:21:54 -0800

While trying to build Imaging-1.1.3 for Windows, I had compile errors.

Looking back, I seem to have fixed this when I built 1.1.1 but perhaps I didn't 
report it :-( 

The DIB.C module includes some definitions for INT8, etc. that conflict with 
the existing definitions in the Microsoft SDK.   Well, actually they are the 
SAME but the VC6SP3 compiler complains because they get expanded on the 
redefinitions, causing a compiler error.

The "fix" is easy:  #include <windows.h> BEFORE "Imaging.h"

The DIB.C change makes the top look like this:

#ifdef WIN32
#include <windows.h>   // before other includes

#include "Imaging.h"   // moved AFTER the WIN32 check
#include "ImDib.h"
Howard Lightstone