[Image-SIG] More problems building Imaging in WIndows

howard@eegsoftware.com howard@eegsoftware.com
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 19:37:44 -0800

I have successfully beat down the (default) library issues with jpeg and zlib 
and almost managed to build python 2.2, Imaging, et.al.

I am stuck now trying to get the tkImaging.c issue figured out.  From reading 
the notes, I needed to build that into _tkinter which I did by adding it to the 
_tkinter project of python22 and defining WITH_PIL.

I still get an undefined when trying to link imaging now.  Is there someplace 
else I have to set up?  I am pretty baffled today so perhaps a break (til 
tomorrow) will help.

Howard Lightstone