[Image-SIG] PIL and ICC: littlecms?

Kevin@Cazabon.com kevin@cazabon.com
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 19:03:42 -0700

Has anyone tried to tie littlecms into PIL so far?  Littlecms
(www.littlecms.com) is a free ICC color management module that transforms
from one ICC color space to another.  It's licensed under the lesser GPL,
and is CROSS-PLATFORM compatible.  Having ICC support for PIL would be a
HUGE advantage, and from the surface it looks like it should be fairly

If anyone has done any work on this let me know, I'm thinking of doing some
work on it, probably resulting in a Python/PIL callable DLL.  Unfortuately
my C skills aren't anywhere near my Python skills, so it might be a while,
and ANY help would be appreciated.


Kevin Cazabon.