[Image-SIG] Re: fits format in PIL

Johann Cohen Tanugi cohen at slac.stanford.edu
Mon Apr 18 21:24:22 CEST 2005

thanks for your answer. From your email I infer that PIL displays 
numarray objects, because this is the output format of a pyfits IO call 
on a fits file.
Is there any thought about creating a plugin in PIL for FITS access?


Russell E. Owen wrote:

>In article <4263FCA9.2060108 at slac.stanford.edu>,
> Johann Cohen Tanugi <cohen at slac.stanford.edu> wrote:
>>I googled a bit without much luck so I figured I would post the question 
>>directly here : does PIL support FITS image? If not yet, is there a team 
>>working on it?
>It does not directly support FITS. One simple technique is to use pyfits 
>to read in the data, then display it using PIL. At least it's simple in 
>regards parsing the FITS data; if you a have high dynamic range image, 
>as is typical for FITS data, then scaling the data to display anything 
>meaningful to the user is another story.
>Some resources:
>- Astronomical Python (link to pyfits and other utilties): 
>- Sample grayscale image viewer (still being worked on but quite 
>functional) RO.Wdg.GrayImageDispWdg in RO package: 
>- matplotlib includes an image viewer. It is rather slow but might prove 
>-- Russell
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