[Image-SIG] Pyvox release 0.72 now available

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Fri Mar 17 19:45:37 CET 2006

Paul Hughett wrote:

>I really like the idea of having a common underlying protocol for all
>multi-dimensional arrays; I'm still looking at the details of this
>particular proposal.

I'm glad.  NumPy and SciPy developers really think that this common 
interface is what should go into Python, rather than any one specific 
array implementation.  The existence of PyVox, actually makes this case 
stronger for us, I think.

Perhaps you could contribute to the discussion I started on the 
python-dev list.   We need to make more noise to the python-dev people 
so they will start to put "creating a good array interface" on the top 
of their lists.

I think we have a good start already, but more input is welcomed.

>Also a good idea.  PIL supports many more image file formats that Pyvox
>ever will, so interoperability would be nice.
>>On a related note.  It would be nice if we could figure out better
>>ways to work together on the basic object layers for image and
>>volume processing (in my mind that's what NumPy array's are most
>>useful for).
>Sounds good in theory, but I'm a bit unsure on the practical details.
>A good starting place would seem to be a common N-D array protocol.  Do
>you have any other specific suggestions?

I think we agree on a good starting place.

I think the specific suggestion is to get PyVox talking through the 
array interface (at least the simple one) and to have you make 
suggestions as to how the array interface might need to change.

There is code in NumPy and in Numeric (24.2) that shows how to consume 
and export the array interface.

You might also help with the PEP that's been started to get a basic 
N-dimensional array into Python.  If this were done, then PyVox could 
inherit from it (in C) as could NumPy and then interoperability is a 
cinch since the first-part of both structures would be identical. 

We would welcome any of your comments on 
numpy-discussion at lists.sourceforge.net

Thanks again for your work,


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