[Image-SIG] Pyvox release 0.72 now available

Paul Hughett hughett at bbl.med.upenn.edu
Fri Mar 17 18:05:00 CET 2006


> Thanks for releasing all of your work and for the generous license.

My pleasure.

> Do you know if and/or when your library will be interoperable with 
> NumPy?  

It's on my list of good things to do, along with 500 other items.
It's been moving towards the top, since I'd like to be able to use
Matplotlib with Pyvox.

> The new array interface makes this quite easy.

I really like the idea of having a common underlying protocol for all
multi-dimensional arrays; I'm still looking at the details of this
particular proposal.

> Perhaps the PIL could also learn to export and import the array 
> interface to finally get copy-less data-transfer with NumPy arrays.

Also a good idea.  PIL supports many more image file formats that Pyvox
ever will, so interoperability would be nice.

> On a related note.  It would be nice if we could figure out better
> ways to work together on the basic object layers for image and
> volume processing (in my mind that's what NumPy array's are most
> useful for).

Sounds good in theory, but I'm a bit unsure on the practical details.
A good starting place would seem to be a common N-D array protocol.  Do
you have any other specific suggestions?

Paul Hughett

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