[Image-SIG] PIL - numpy

Stephane Henry stef.henry at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 16:20:15 CEST 2006

I figured out that some lines (that are given in the archive) have to
be added to Image.py for using numpy.asarray(PILimage). I thought
those lines where added to the PIL 1.1.6. , they might just have been
for one time. Then it works fine (with just converting one time my
image (mode 'I' for example) because it's a TIFF16).

by the way, there are several pil-related functions in
scipy.misc(thanks to Ren):

 • fromimage — convert a PIL image to a Numeric array
 • toimage — convert Numeric array to PIL image
 • imsave — save Numeric array to an image file
 • imread — read an image file into a Numeric array
 • imrotate — rotate an image (a Numeric array) counter-clockwise
 • imresize — resize an image using the PIL
 • imshow — external viewer of a Numeric array (using PIL)
 • imfilter — fast, simple built-in filters provided by PIL
 • radon — simple radon transform based on imrotate

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