[Image-SIG] PIL and embedded ICC profiles

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Fri Mar 6 21:58:32 CET 2009

Except for the JPEG hack, Florian's original patch looks pretty quite
clean to me.  And I'm pretty sure I can do something about the hack
before we go alpha.

That diff link looks a bit strange to me, though - looks more like
status output than diff output.  Am I missing something, or did you
post the wrong file?  I could pull the patch from your Hg repository
if that's easier for you.


On Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 9:49 PM, Tim Hatch <tim at timhatch.com> wrote:
> Hiya,
> This patch came through last year but it didn't get much review.  I was
> wondering if it's a candidate for PIL 1.1.7 – I've tested that it does
> indeed pass through profiles in jpeg-to-jpeg and jpeg-to-png conversion.
> http://mail.python.org/pipermail/image-sig/2008-June/005026.html
> There's a version at
> http://timhatch.com/ex/2009/03/pil-keep-icc-profiles.diff that applies
> cleanly on raclette edc72df13132 with some whitespace cleanups.  I took out
> most of the unrelated patches, since they'd either been fixed already, or
> (in the case of TIFF resolution information) I'm not familiar with the code
> and it didn't apply cleanly.  I suppose that's a separate topic, and I'm
> missing a pointer to the original issue.
> Tim
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