[Import-SIG] So... should we do this thing?

Eric V. Smith eric at trueblade.com
Wed Jul 20 02:46:26 CEST 2011

On 7/18/2011 10:50 AM, P.J. Eby wrote:
> What do y'all think?  Should we submit the PEP, and run it by
> Python-Dev?  Anybody have any changes, questions, etc.?

I think you should submit the PEP and run it by python-dev. I'm curious
to hear what Martin and others think.

I like the idea of doing something more radical that not only allows for
"namespace packages" or whatever term we settle on, but simplifies how
we explain packages. I think this proposal does that, at least for
people new to Python. For oldsters like me, it will take some time to
wrap my head around it.

> Perhaps most important: are there any people willing and able to do the
> implementation for Python 3?  ;-)

I'm willing.


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