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Kiran Jonnalagadda jace at pobox.com
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I'm going to be hosting your video training this Tuesday from 11 AM to 5
PM. There are some rules:

1. Video isn't easy. It's by far the most technically challenging aspect of
the conference, requires expensive equipment, and you run a very real risk
of getting an electric shock. If you're hoping this is a task where you can
look busy without doing much, I recommend taking your name off the
volunteers list.

2. There are three parts to video production. The first is venue setup,
which will take you until 3 or 4 AM because you can be wholly assured
nothing will work until that ungodly hour. You get to go home at 4 AM and
return to the venue by 7 AM and proceed to stay fully awake for the rest of
the day handling part two, the live production. If you're handling the
camera and lose track of the speaker for even one second, you can expect
that whoever is handling the console will be screaming for your head
another second later. The third part is post production, where you get to
slog your ass off while everyone else is partying. No seriously, I'm not
kidding. Your post production work starts when the day ends, and for every
hour after that people are going to bug you for videos as if you are the
villain denying them the videos they paid for.

If this does not sound like fun, that is correct. This is not fun. Please
bury your fantasies about being the cameraman wielding a long lens that has
everyone in awe. You'll have a teeny handicam that has exactly three
buttons: one to start recording and two to zoom.

3. You will be a team of three people per room. One manning the camera, one
manning the console, and the third working on post processing immediately
after each talk so that you can join the party later too. Everyone else is
unnecessary and a distraction UNLESS you want to be on a standby team that
takes over for part of the day. When you're on duty, there is no slacking.
We're not counting mike volunteers here because that requires no training.

4. As a camera crew member, you will be the last person in the room to
leave for a break, and the first person to return from a break. Where the
audience gets half an hour of break time, you'll get a little over five

5. You're also in charge of helping speakers connect their laptops to the
projector and debugging every kind of problem that can arise. If you don't
know what pin 4 in a VGA cable is for, or why pin 9 is missing, you're
about as useful as a computer technician who fixes Windows problems by
rebooting the machine.

Pay attention during the training session and brush up your high school
physics before you come. We do not want to be responsible for you having
died after making contact with an unearthed power cable, and there will be
plenty of fooling around with earthing.

Now, if I haven't dissuaded you already, and I hope I have because this is
really not a job for the weak willed, I will see you on Tuesday for the

Rahul Ravindran will be leading the video production for PyCon and also for
volunteered for JSFoo this past weekend, so his training is fresh, and he's
also convinced me he's dedicated enough to be in charge.


Kiran Jonnalagadda
http:// <http://jace.zaiki.in/>jace.zaiki.in/ <http://jace.zaiki.in/>
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 Hi Chandan,

I would like to help with video management task..please, add me to the list


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>  Hello,
> On 08/24/2014 09:44 PM, Anand Chitipothu wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 24, 2014 at 4:57 PM, chandankumar <
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>> Hello,
> Hi Chandan,
>  Could you please review the list once again? Vishal Sood never replied
> to this thread or signed up as volunteer. He volunteered for video
> recording last year and this year he is out of country.
>    I will be updating the list.
> Below is the list of volunteers for Video Management Task.
> 1> Anurag
> 2>Balabhaskar Kalapatapu
> 3>Tenzin Kunkyab
> 4> Rahul Ravindran
> 5> Vinay Dahiya
> 6>Ritesh Kumar Sharma
> 7>Venktesh Guttedar
> Thanks,
> Chandan Kumar
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