[Inpycon] Venue for PyCon India 2018

Vanitha Shanmugam vani.pree at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 12:52:57 EST 2017

> > This is *10th YEAR* and we want to take PyCon India to next
> > level. Request everyone to give us time and space to plan things.
> The "us" are people on this list unless there's something else going on
> that I'm not aware of. While all the people here might not be able to
> participate on the ground, I think most of the opinions and discussions
> are valid and useful.

I agree that discussions here are valid and useful and thats the reason all
the discussions are happening here and the MOM's of all volunteers meeting
are shared here as well. I appreciate the feedback and suggestions provided
here, but we want to have a constructive discussion and provide an
alternate with proper justification if whatever decided in the volunteers
meetings does not work with everybody. Just providing suggestions to reduce
the registration cost or to find a different venue to accommodate
everything that is being planned is not encouraging people who does ground
work taking their day off to do the homework necessary.

> > Also, to answer on the venue, we considered multiple venues which were
> > suggested in this thread as well. Most of the venues have only one big
> > conference room which does not fit our requirement. The bigger venues
> > are costing us more than BIEC. We have considered everything before
> > concluding on BIEC and all the pointers were already provided in this
> > thread earlier.
> Perhaps it's time to reconsider them then since the cost of using BIEC
> is that we'll have to do the conference on a weekday.

BIEC is available on August 25th weekend. But the plan is to have
conference alone in BIEC and look for a different venue like Christ college
or a corporate office to organize devsprint and workshops since these will
have necessary infrastructure and reliable internet. And we won't get such
venues during weekdays.

Also, having dev sprint post the conference will help people connect with
keynote speakers and do code contribution much better IMO.

If we have to have conference during weekends, request people to suggest an
alternate venue for devsprint and workshops and also find out the
availability of that venue for August 22nd and 23rd since the conference
dates are August 24 - 26.

Just to remind, we have to book BIEC by tomorrow at any cost otherwise we
will miss out on this venue. It's more than a month we are discussing about
conference days and we still continue to discuss even a day before booking
the venue. Franky, this is not motivating.

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