[Inpycon] Venue for PyCon India 2018

Noufal Ibrahim KV noufal at nibrahim.net.in
Mon Dec 4 12:03:31 EST 2017

On Mon, Dec 04 2017, vijay kumar wrote:


> Just a few pointers for PyCon India 2018. We are planning to get minimum 6
> keynote speakers from outside India, adding few new things like Kids track,
> startup rows, etc., also its a 3 day conference this year. Last year we had
> regular ticket for Rs.*1500* for 2 days conference. Even going with last
> year's price, to increase a day, we have to increase the cost by 750 which
> is *2350*. I have no idea what we are debating here. Quality comes with
> cost.

I'm personally okay with setting a price tag of 3500 if it reduces
dependency on sponsors and if it can get us a good venue. I don't mind
if the cost is reduced participation. There are several PyCons happening
in India now and all of them are quite good. If a 3.5k cost once a year
is too much, well, that's that. I've generally been unsuccessfully
pushing for sacrificing audience and talk quantity for quality. It's not
a well received idea but I think this is a step in that direction and
while it might not be correct, it's atleast a worthwhile experiment.

However, I'm quite against doing the conference on a weekday. Organising
travel, taking days off etc. are all complex and it would put a lot of
otherwise interested people off. Workshops and such are special interest
and low participation anyway so putting those on weekdays might be
okay. The main conference which is when everyone hangs out and chats
etc. should, in my opinion, be on a weekend.

I think it's perfectly fine to axe things like an extra day, the kids
track etc. if it means we can reduce the size and do it at a venue which
is available during a weekend. 

> This is *10th YEAR* and we want to take PyCon India to next
> level. Request everyone to give us time and space to plan things.

The "us" are people on this list unless there's something else going on
that I'm not aware of. While all the people here might not be able to
participate on the ground, I think most of the opinions and discussions
are valid and useful.

> Also, to answer on the venue, we considered multiple venues which were
> suggested in this thread as well. Most of the venues have only one big
> conference room which does not fit our requirement. The bigger venues
> are costing us more than BIEC. We have considered everything before
> concluding on BIEC and all the pointers were already provided in this
> thread earlier.

Perhaps it's time to reconsider them then since the cost of using BIEC
is that we'll have to do the conference on a weekday.



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