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Rajat Saini rajatvaidya14 at gmail.com
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Hi Akshay,

What I feel about it, Someone adds the point that PyCon 2018 team hired
professionals for the logo and website. Without the logo, we can only make
a design of the website and we have to create the design in all aspects
which include sponsor section, gallery like we did in 2017 and tweet and
blog section and especially we need to work on schedule as this is a 5-day
event if I am correct. And We have to work more on this template on which
you are working obviously it's not one man task so, we need to team up ASAP.

On Mon, Dec 4, 2017 at 11:34 PM, Akshay Aradhya <akshay95aradhya at gmail.com>

> Website Link : https://pythonindia.github.io/inpycon2018/
> Hello Everyone,
>     Over the weekend I fixed a few issues and made the website more
> responsive. As you can see I have temporarily substituted images from the
> internet to make the webpage look good. I really wish we had someone that
> could do something like that. I contacted a lot of people and they
> submitted their designs but they were not what we wanted.
> We obviously cant use these images in our final website, but if someone
> can come up with similiar designs please feel free to reach out to me.
> As for the website, there are a few issues on Safari (IDK why) and I have
> opened and issue on git, feel free to send pull requests for that. Anyone
> good enough in content writing and have been to a few PyCons please send 3
> short paragraphs that I can put up on the website's front page.
> Any other feedback/suggestion is welcome.
> Regards
> $Akshay Aradhya$
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