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> Hi All,
> As the discussion for the venue is in progress. Let's kick off the
> discussion of the sponsorship.
> During the F2F discussion in last meeting, this is the sponsorship slab:
> - We would continue to have Platinum, Gold, Silver and Associate.
> - We plan to introduce two new slabs this year, Diamond and Kids sponsor.
> Here is the slab that was discussed during the meeting
> 1. Diamond - 10L
> 2. Platinum - 7L
> 3. Gold - 5L
> 4. Silver 3L
> 5. Kids - 2.5L
> 6. Associate - 1L
> - The Diamond sponsor would have a bunch of more facilitates, a
> sponsored talk which would get more attention, maybe in the main
> hall(but we need to discuss on this on more).
> - Kids Workshop sponsorship would be good to have in-kind but I don't
> think we should be restricted to that. But this sponsorship would
> drive the Kids Workshop and the hardware and other stuffs needed for
> driving the event.
> Comment with your thoughts on this sponsorship slabs or add points
> into the sponsorship slab/brochure.

The sponsorship prospectus says that the diamond sponsor gets a keynote.
Has something changed after this discussion?

IMHO, having sponsored keynotes makes the conference feels more like a
business conference than a community conference.

>From the beginning of PyCon India, we have takes a strong position that
we'll not sell space on t-shirt and slot for talks. Sad to see that this
community space is getting diluted.

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