[Inpycon] Announcing ZeOmega as our Silver Sponsor

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Fri Sep 20 02:34:11 EDT 2019

Hi Everyone

We are happy to introduce our Silver sponsor ZeOmega!

Established in 2001, ZeOmega built, and continues to deliver, the 
industry's leading population health management platform, Jiva, 
including utilization management, case management, and disease 
management. Our end-to-end, interoperability-enabled platform is rapidly 
deployable, highly scalable, and facilitates collaboration among 
healthcare stakeholders. Jiva helps healthcare organizations achieve 
Triple Aim goals with data integration, actionable analytics, workflow 
automation, holistic and personalized assessments to support care 
planning, patient engagement, clinical quality, and provider performance 
measurement and management.

Headquartered in Plano, TX and with offices in Seattle, WA and 
Bangalore, India, ZeOmega supports over 30 million lives on the Jiva 
platform, employs over 500 talented individuals, hosts an extensive 
partner network, and serves the healthcare industry's leading health 
plans and other risk-bearing entities.

Website Link: http://www.zeomega.com

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